serves 8
time 1 hour
difficulty moderate
  • stick blender
special req.
  • sodium alginate, calcium chloride, lemongrass
author chewxy
A picture of Lemongrass Prawn with Carrot-Ginger "Caviar"
  2 whole (medium) 2 whole medium carrots
  1. juice carrots and ginger. top up with water to make 300ml of liquid in total.
  2. with a stick blender, blend sodium alginate until fully combined. try not to aerate the mixture
  3. let it sit in the fridge until most of the bubbles go away.
  1 whole (small) 1 whole small thumb ginger
2 g   2 g sodium alginate
2 1/2 g   2 1/2 g calcium chloride
  1. blend calcium chloride into water.
  2. prepare another container with clean water.
  3. use a syringe to carefully drop droplets of the juice from above into the calcium chloride water. it should form a small spherical "caviar".
  4. with a slotted spoon, remove the caviar from the calcium chloride water, and immerse them into the clean water. this stops the gellification process.
500 g   500 g water
  1 litre 1 litre water
100 g   100 g prawns
  1. finely chop the lemongrass stalk.
  2. heat butter in pan and fry the lemongrass
  3. add prawns and quickly fry them, be sure not to overcook the prawns.
  1 whole 1 whole stalk lemongrass
10 g   10 g butter
    neutral popping candy
  1. scoop a bed of "caviar" into a chinese spoon.
  2. place a prawn on the bed of "caviar"
  3. finish it with a piece or two of popping candy on the top of the spoon.
  4. optionally garnish with coriander leaf or dill