serves 8
time 6-8 hours (10 minutes prep)
difficulty moderate
  • four-quart Crock-Pot
author ripsup
3.5-4 lb   3.5-4 lb chuck roast  
  1. in a four-quart crock-pot, pour in one bottle of giardiniera.
  2. place the roast on top of the layer of giardiniera.
  3. sprinkle the salad dressing mixture on top of the roast.
  4. add the second bottle of giardiniera to the top of the roast.
  5. cover crock-pot and cook on high for 6 to 8 hours.
  6. when fork tender, shred the roast in the crock-pot and allow it to combine with the other ingredients.
  7. slice the baguettes in half and pile on the beef and giardiniera mixture.
  1 pkg 1 pkg zesty italian salad dressing and recipe mix  
  1 jar 1 jar hot giardiniera (16 oz.)  
  1 jar 1 jar mild giardiniera (16 oz.)  
  12 whole 12 whole baguettes (french rolls)