There is no one true recipe. We adapt, change, modify, tweak every time we cook. We want to share our modifictations with the world, but yet it is difficult and tedious to do so. Fork the Cookbook makes the experience of modifying and sharing recipes a little easier.

Taking a cue from the open source community, users fork a version of a recipe when they want to make a variation. When someone makes their own version of your recipe and shares their modifications, everyone benefits. In essence, Fork the Cookbook functions not only your personal scrapbook to keep track of all your favorite recipes but it is also the digital equivalent of margin scribbling.

We've always been told to learn from our mistakes. Crafting the perfect version of roast chicken (which by the way, the secret is slow roasting) can be expensive with all the trial and error needed. Fork the Cookbook accelerates the mistake process by letting others work with you on your recipes so you maximize the amount you learn while minimizing the costs for you to learn it. As the saying goes, wise men learn from others' mistakes, fools learn from their own.

We believe that Fork the Cookbook is the answer to better cooking and we hope to drive innovation, one recipe at a time.

Join us and start forking. Watch your recipes evolve and grow beyond your imagination.

A Venn diagram explaining that Fork the Cookbook is a cross between Github for recipes, Instapaper for recipes and Tumblr for recipes How we see ourselves